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Four Case Studies

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Office hours 01752 344233

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Mrs A had moved into a sheltered housing scheme and had been waiting for at least 5 months for minor adaptations to be done to her kitchen.  Despite trying numerous attempts to have her kitchen sink repaired to prevent the pooling of water on her drainer and for a work surface to be altered to allow a washing machine to be in situ, she had been told they were not priority jobs and she had to wait.  To Mrs A these were a priority as it prevented her from using her own private washing machine as she currently had to use the schemes communal machine which was time restricted and she was unable to manage clearing up any mess that the “pooling” would cause.  


We contacted the Social Housing provider and spoke to the manager about the reasons why these are an urgent adaptation for her.  We explained the situation more in depth and was able to advocate on her behalf (I obtained prior permission).  After conversing back and forth for approx. one week Mrs A was notified and had all her minor adaptations done immediately.  Mrs A is now able to run her life easier and has gained independence by being able to wash her clothes when she needs to and also able to wash up without the help from carers as no mess is now made.  Mrs A said this has made such a huge difference to her life and she is so happy that we were able to get her point across as she felt the H.A only saw her as a “moaning old woman”.

Mr and Mrs B were struggling to fill in a blue badge form as they had been rejected for one yet their needs met the criteria.  They only mentioned it in passing to us offered to help fill it out on their behalf with them.  They were taken aback by this as they were going to give up on applying as it was too much to deal with.  We filled the form out for them and helped them provide the extras that would help support the claim.  They phoned about 4 weeks later to say that they had been successful and thanked us for helping them get it.  

On a recent homecare assessment for private homecare we discussed if the client was in recent of all the benefits they may be entitled to.  The family weren’t sure so we ran through a couple of checks with them and it was clear that the client wasn’t.  We assisted with applying for the appropriate benefits and after a successful benefit outcome the family were able to have more care than planned as the extra income enabled this to be covered.  We also discussed benevolent fund help to assist with a new chair and gave the family the phone number for them to make contact as they felt confident in doing so.



We had a client whose young granddaughter was staying with her under very bad circumstances.  The family was going through a difficult time and H & H Healthcare Ltd provided them with a free outing to their favourite place.  The difference it made to them for one day to forget their difficulties was immense and we had it organised anonymously from the “Go out and have some fun fairy”


Providing Domiciliary care and sitting services in Plymouth and South Hams.

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